After Sunset Pamlico Sound Outer Banks

Posted by James Guillory (Garner, United States) on 21 January 2011 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Pamlico Sound is located off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The largest lagoon on the east coast. Drawn to this area for several elements, foreground, grasses, broken little bridge, beautiful lagoon. I had gone to this location for sunsets before, with mixed results. As the sun had already set. I had packed up my gear and was heading down the road, when the sky lit up. Dam. I turned around and returned to my same location, fired off about 10 frames. It was over. Some 20 minutes after sunset. Well, worth coming back for. Let me know what you think. Comments welcome....

..............................."taking my time, slowing down a little bit" TOM PETTY (mojo)..................................

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Dontcha HATE it when that happens?!? I am glad you turned around! That crimson red is outstanding. When we see skies we just have to stop. I get puzzled looks from some when I tell them that we should never miss a sunset and try our darndest to never miss a sunrise ,,,,I am as big a sleepy head as anyone - but I love sunrises. I spent 365 days in Vietnam but I have three times that many sunrise and sunset was my escape...and they remain my "escape'...Well done sir...sorry for the diatribe but your image drew out this emotion! Beautiful!

21 Jan 2011 4:40pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Denny, I was freezing, 30 degrees. I was pretty much done for the day. It was worth turning around for...As always thanks...

Olivier from Manage, Belgium

Very good shot!!

21 Jan 2011 5:57pm

@Olivier: Olivier, Thanks....

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Outstanding shot James, it's always worth waiting and hanging around after sunset no matter where you are. The "blue hour" is one of the best of the day.

21 Jan 2011 6:28pm

@Curly: Curly, It happens every now and then, but when it does. Well worth the price. Thanks....

Scott F. Schilling from San Martin, United States

I'm glad you got out your camera quickly! Great shot James!

23 Jan 2011 3:51am

@Scott F. Schilling: All those years of shooting sport. Thanks, Scott

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

interesting composition and colour effect with just the grey and pink tones present in this scene - nicely captured!

23 Jan 2011 6:09am

@DarkElf: Thanks Again...DarkElf

Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

Absolutely lovely, great photo.

24 Jan 2011 7:26am

@Richard: Richard, Thanks....

Don Smith from California, United States

I believe if I never made another image with the sun present that I could still do quite a volume of work and you have proven it here James. I have a private lesson tomorrow in Big Sur and the forecast is for clear skies. Guess what, I will have my clients in place 40 minutes prior to posted sunrise and will probably result in the some of the best images of the day. I know you know this and that is why you were able to capture this image - well done!

25 Jan 2011 2:55pm

Mike from California, United States

I think it was worth scampering back for this bit of color...sometimes it pays off to wait !

31 Jan 2011 5:30am

CarineB from Paris, France

Great picture, nice composition and atmosphere.

3 Dec 2012 1:10pm

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
3/5 seconds
ISO 200
25 mm


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